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SolarCo Approach to Commercial Solar Projects:

  • Initial Enquiry
  • Thorough review/analysis of power/electricity consumption over 12 months period or 1/2 hr MRSO data in KWh.
  • Examine Existing and Proposed Energy Site Demand (future proofing).
  • Examine Existing connection size.
  • Identify max import capacity or KVA supply.
  • Complete Analysis review.
  • Interpretation of data.
  • Recommend suitable sized system & Quotation.
  • Commence Works. 

Here at SolarCo, we pride ourselves in being Irelands leading Commercial Solar Installer.

Generating free electricity from the sun will reduce your business’s energy costs and benefit from the Accelerated Capital Allowance. Take control of your energy by becoming your own supplier.

There are various grants available for Solar PV for commericial use on farms and other organisations, including TAMS and the Better Energy Communities grant.

Below, there are a few examples of some of the commercials jobs we have completed to date.

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GERMINAL IRELAND, HORSE & JOCKEY, Co. TIPPERARY - 121.8kW Commercial Solar PV System.

Germinal Ireland is located in the heart of Tipperary in The Horse and Jockey.

Germinal is a sixth generation family company with a proud history. Their heritage is built on the strength of great people and their knowledge and experience is a valuable asset we share with the farming community.

They opted for a 121.8kW system which produces 95,000 kwh per annum and gives them a saving of €28,386 approx. per annum at current unit cost.

Germinal are no exception to a future focused business and round it off well with a fitting slogan: “Sowing future seeds”. Here in Ireland especially, we have a big transition to make with how we produce our energy.

Check out our video below to see the project being completed.

Commercial Solar PV System

LAHINCH, Co. CLARE - 138kW Commercial Solar PV System.

Here we have our install at the Leasure Centre in Lahinch, Co. Clare which began in October 2020.

 They decided on a 138kW system that is completed along with two biomass boilers also installed by WoodCo/SolarCo and check out the video below to see how Lahinch Leisure Centre underwent a full energy transformation.

The 138kW solar system produces approx. 108,000kwh per annum, which saves €32,270 per annum at current unit costs.

We offer the best and most efficient service to businesses and farms in Ireland. Below we have a roof mounted system, a ground mounted system with concrete and a ground mounted system with ground screws. 

We adapt to our clients needs and provide them with the best Commercial Solar PV System system possible so they get the most out of their individual locations.


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SolarCo is now Ireland’s leading Commercial Solar PV installer. Our goal is to help you futureproof your business and make huge savings on your electricity bill by generating your own  free, clean electricity.

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