Step by Step Guide for Solar PV TAMS 3 Grant

Where do I apply for the TAMS 3 Solar PV Grant?

This is a Step by Step Guide for Solar PV TAMS 3 Grant Applications. They must be submitted online through Applicants who wish to apply online or through their agents must first be registered for online services (OLS) with the Department. If you are not registered with agfood, you can contact the agfood online services helpline on 0761 064424 or email [email protected]. Applicants can submit more than one application per tranche, subject to the minimum investment ceiling. Please Note: Applications must be made through Agfood!

SolarCo by WoodCo are approved Department of Agriculture Installers! Therefore, SolarCo will conduct a free Solar PV Site Survey. One of our experts will assist you with the full application and ensure all of the following is submitted for you.

What do I need to submit?

  • On Farm Solar PV Survey.
  • Copies of drawings and farm structure layout plan.
  • Farmyard layout plan.
  • Site location map identifying location for proposed investment.
  • Eircode or GPS reference of site.
  • Ownership documents to a scale not greater than 1:5,000 or a BPS/BISS Application Map.
  • A copy of a company’s Companies Registration Office Certificate and Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Grant of full and final planning permission including conditions or declaration of exemption including maps, where applicable.
  • A copy of any appropriate Environmental Impact Assessment undertaken as part of the planning 13 process, where applicable.
  • Copies of drawings on which planning permission or declaration of exemption.
  • An engineer’s report (if needed).
  • Evidence of leasehold title (copy of valid lease including maps) for each site. *This report may be requested before an application is approved under the Scheme.
The following documents must be submitted in support of your claim for payment:
  • Evidence of completion of Farm Safety Code of Practice within 5 years of Application date.
  • Marriage Certificate in the case of a lease to a spouse.
  • Receipts and bank statement if requested.
  • Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Contractors Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Quality certificates (Electrical, Protection of Steel work, CE certificates, Welding Cert etc.).
  • Where amendments have been made to Approved building plans, including Planning Permission, then revised drawings/Planning Permission must be submitted with Claim.
  • Solar PV Panel Installation, Testing and Commissioning Certificate.
  • Completed ESB Networks NC6, NC7 or NC8 Form.
Applications must have all the required supporting documentation uploaded at time of submission. SolarCo will ensure all necessary paperwork is included in the application for you, leaving it hassle free for the farmer!   How to Submit a TAMS 3 Application on Agfood:
  1. Contact SolarCo and arrange for your free Solar PV Site Survey.
  2. Login to with your personal details:
  3. From the list select ‘TAMS 3 SCIS’ – SCIS stands for Solar Capital Investment Scheme Scheme.
  4. Click on Application and ‘New Scheme Application’.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions and fill in the form, don’t forget to fill in each of Declaration, Application Details, Production Units, Proposed Investments, Alternative Contact and Documents Uploaded.
Remember, you can submit for TAMS 3 yourself, however it’s much easier and hassle free to get in touch with us and we include all of this administration work in our installation service. Call us today on 062-74007 or email us at [email protected] to set up a call. Get your Free Quote here for your farm.

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