TAMS 3 – New Solar PV Grants Available for Farmers!

Solar PV for Dairy

TAMS 3 Grant now available for Solar Panels in Ireland

The Government  want the delivery of as much solar energy in the next three years as the amount of renewable energy rolled out in Ireland over the last 20 years.

SolarCo are Ireland’s Leading Commercial Solar PV Installer and reps are specialists in solar systems on trapezoidal roofs.



New TAMS 3 Grant for Solar Panels

The new TAMS grand will be out in January 2023 and will be available to all farmers to help with the installation of Solar PV systems on sheds, farm buildings and the farm dwelling house. The TAMS will cover solar panels up to €90,000.

All Farmers will be able to claim 60% of the spend back with the TAMS Grant.

Farm Shed

SolarCo previous installation.

What’s needed for TAMS 3 Grant for Solar Panels?

A “Farm Solar PV Survey” must be completed and submitted with the application to quantify the holdings electricity power requirement and the planned electricity supply from the proposed development, this survey can also include the dwelling house if it is occupied by the herd owner or family member, and is situated on the holding.

SolarCo offer free site surveys and free quotations to clients throughout the island of Ireland! Get in touch here to get your free Solar PV Survey. 

TAMS 3 Changes

It is proposed to increase the TAMS grant ceiling for solar from 11kW currently to 30kW.

SolarCo assist with all grant paperwork and we will ensure you are opting for the best system to suit your energy demands.

Domestic Solar PV System

Previous SolarCo install on a farm building. 

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