Newsletter Winter 2022

Busy Times For Solarco

Given the unprecedented demand in solar energy in 2022, Solarco have now become one of Ireland’s Leading Commercial Installers, with many commercial projects, completed around Ireland.United Metal Recycling 165kW

165 kW Commercial Solar job at United Metal Recycling centre in Limerick.

Solar PV generates 50% of daytime usage for UMR – Potential elimination of summer demand. Provides significant environmental benefits as the process does not produce greenhouse gases. They have the potential to sell excess energy back to the grid.

TAMS Grant For Farmers

In early 2023 there will be a Tams grant for farmers to get Solar PV for their business, we expect this to further increase demand on farms around panels on farm

SolarCo are experts in commercial Solar PV installations.

Get in touch with SolarCo here for expert advice in applying for the TAMS grant. 

Solar PV Exempt From Planning

In October 2022, planning permission for the installation of solar panels on the rooftops of houses and non-domestic buildings have been removed. The exemptions are aimed at increasing Ireland’s generation of solar energy and combating climate change. It supports a target of installing up to 380MW (approximately 1 million solar panels) of microgeneration capacity as part of Ireland’s overall solar targets under the government’s Climate Action Plan.

Various other Projects by Solarco in 2022

Caseys Londis

30 kW Caseys Londis on Flat Trocal Roof

Feely Stone

150 kW at Feely Stone

Foynes 185kW

185 kW at Foynes Engineering

From 2023 onwards Woodco, through its Solar PV business unit expects to deploy 3.5MW of commercial scale Solar PV with many projects upcoming. 

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