How To Get Commercial Solar Panels For Your Business!

What is Solar PV?

Here we will explain how easy it is to get commercial solar panels. The term ‘solar panel’ can refer to panels that give electricity and those that give heat.  A DC electrical current happens when light strikes the Solar PV panels. This DC current then travels to an inverter. This converts the electricity from DC to AC. This can power your business.

Solar PV

Did you know the sun delivers more energy to the Earth in an hour than is used worldwide in a year?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology generates renewable electricity from sunlight – a free and natural resource.

Businesses can harness this clean energy by using solar PV system and speaking to us here at Solarco.

A solar PV system comprises four main components: PV modules (or panels), an inverter, mounting systems, and grid protection. A battery and a charge controller may also be added. This means that excess power from the solar PV system can be stored and used when it is needed later.

What does getting Commercial Solar Panels for your business involve?

Does your organisation have a steady daytime electricity demand and
available roof space? If so, installing solar PV could be a viable way for your
business to produce green electricity. This can help save money on your energy bills by reducing the amount of electricity you need from the grid.

Do you have roof or ground space for solar panels?

Typically a Solar PV system is installed on the roof of a business but a  ground-mounted PV system may be a good option for businesses. Especially in cases where roof space is limited and suitable land is available. There are many different types of ground mounted systems for PV installations. These vary
depending on the surface of the site and the amount of space available or needed.

Recently, we completed a ground-mounted system in Limerick in the Woodlands Hotel.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Getting Solar PV Systems set up can seem like a long and tedious road. Here at Solarco we try make it as smooth as possible. This is our easy step-by-step guide on what it takes to set up your Solar PV System with us.

Steps To Getting Commercial Solar Panels:

Step 1. Initial Enquiry

This is when the first point of contact is made. Our Commerical Solar Manager will answer all your questions related to the Solar PV Systems we provide.

From here we get the ball rolling and make sure that we can get the most efficient system available to you and send you a detailed quote.

Step 2. Site Survey

Once the initial enquiry is complete, we then set up a site survey. Our Solar Commerical Manager will  call out to your business and see where the best place for your system is and what would be the optimal Solar PV System for you.

Obstacles that might effect the positioning of modules would be windows, a chimney, size of the roof and the direction the roof is facing.

Step 3. Installation

This is when our expert electricians come out and install your Solar PV System. The jobs are quick and there is little to no mess while the panels are put in place.

Once they are up, they make sure everything is up and running to your standard.

Step 4. Start Saving

Once your Solar PV System is up and running, your business will start to notice how beneficial Solar PV is.

Electricity bills start to go down and your business is using Green Energy.

Eco-FriendIt is that easy to get your Commercial Solar panels set up and running.

All you have to do is email [email protected] to start the process.

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