The Easy Steps to Getting Solar PV

Getting Solar PV Systems set up can seem like a long and tedious road. Here at Solarco we try make it as smooth as possible. This is our easy step-by-step guide on what it takes to set up your Solar PV System with us.

Our Stress Free Process for your solar pv system

Step 1. Initial Enquiry

This is when the first point of contact is made. Your interests have peaked and you want to undrrstand more about the Solar PV Systems we provide. From here we get the ball rolling and make sure that we can get the most efficient system available to you.


Step 2. Site Survey

Once the initial enquiry is complete, we then set up a site survey. What this involves is someone coming out to your home or business and examining where the best place for your system is and what would be the optimal Solar PV System for you. 

Some obsticals that might get in the way would be windows, a chimney, size of the roof and the direction the roof is facing. Once this is all taken into account and both parties are happy to progress we go to the next step.

Step 3. Installation

 This is when our expert electricians come out and install your Solar PV System. The jobs are quick and there is little to no mess while the panels are put in place. Once they are up, they clean up after themselves and make sure everything is up and running to your standard.

Step 4. Start Saving

This is the best step.
Once your Solar PV System is up and running, You start to notice the effects of how beneficial using Solar PV is.
Electricity bills start to go down and the savings in the bank start to go up.

It is that easy to get your Solar PV System set up and running.

All you have to do is reach out and start the process.

About us

SolarCo is one of Ireland’s leading Solar PV installers. Our goal is to help you futureproof your home and make huge savings on your electricity bill by generating your own  free, clean electricity.

With reference sites across Ireland and
hundreds of happy customers, you know that you can count on us for reliable and efficient service.

SolarCo is a member of the Micro Renewable Energy Federation and is registered with Safe Electric Ireland.