Solar Appreciation Day – 5 Things to be Grateful for!

This Solar Appreciation Day we take a look at 5 things to be grateful for and how solar energy affects us more than you might think.


Solar Appreciation Day makes us realise that the sun has been the true energy souce of our planet since its birth. It gives us generous amounts of warmth and light every dat. Thanks to devoted engineers, scientists, and innovators, we can now take this power and use it for everyday use. This leads to us eliminating the need for fossil fuel production and burning. Why burn fossil fuels here on Earth when there is a giant Star providing us with free power in our Solar System?

Solar Savings

The increase in the innovation of solar technology has allowed the instillation of solar panels to become more widespread. Solar Panels are now the cheapest form of renewable energy for our homes, so it is now easier than ever to install them in your home too. Our Solar PV customers report 60% of their total electricity use covered by the panels.


It is important to get enough natural light every day to ward off harmful illnesses to keep us healthy, wealthy, and wise. The benefitd from our sun can be immesurable when talking to the right person. Vitamin D is one of our body’s most important vitamins, so it is important to allow yourself time in the sun. It can contribute to a healthy immune system, bone, and muscle health. So, make sure you are taking the time to get out in the sun, and make sure to wear protection in heavy sunlight.



When using the power of the sun to generate electricity, we can truly own our energy and do not have to worry about outages caused by events outside of our control. Out of the sun’s 4.6 billion years of existence, it is yet to have an “outage” or “technical fault” within its ability to heat and light our planet. The only unreliable element in our relationship with the sun is our heating of the planet and the thickening of our ozone layer.



Solar PV panels are now capable of heating yout water and generating electricity for your appliances. With the introduction of a storage battery in your home, your solar power can now be stored and used in a time of your own convenience. Any electricity that isn’t used or can’t be stored and used in a time of your own convenience. Any electricity that isn’t used or can’t be stored can be sent to the grid and sold to the electricity providers, meaning that you can truly own your own power.

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