Whether you are retrofitting, investing, or looking to add free electricity, grants are available for both commercial and domestic Solar PV. This makes Solar Panels more affordable than ever. You may ask, “Are Solar Panels worth it?”. Well our users report that Solar Panels produce 60% of their total electricity used in the year!

We also take care of the whole application for you, submitting an application to the SEAI on your behalf.

The grants available right now will let you take this opportunity to create your own affordable free electricity. Take a look at the domestic grant breakdown, with up to €3,000 available, below. 

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Domestic Grant Breakdown

There is support available to all owners of homes built and occupied before 2011 and where SEAI have not previously provided support for solar PV system at that address.

How much electricity do solar panels generate? – With our Solar PV installations, our users report an average of 60% of their total electricity usage covered by free electricity. Our experienced installers will be able to evaluate your home to discover a solution to add clean, free electricity.


SolarCo works closely with the Tipperary Energy Agency and The 3 Counties Energy Agency to help our commercial clients obtain Government support via the Better Energy Communities scheme.

Better Energy Communities is the SEAI national retrofit initiative with support of up to €28 million each year, to achieve better energy efficiency in Irish communities. The grant aims to deliver energy savings to homeowners, communities, and private sector organizations.

All projects should be community oriented with a cross-sectoral approach, and you must show that you can sustainably finance the proposed project.

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SolarCo is now Ireland’s leading Commercial Solar PV installer. Our goal is to help you futureproof your business and make huge savings on your electricity bill by generating your own  free, clean electricity.

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SolarCo is a member of the Micro Renewable Energy Federation and is registered with Safe Electric Ireland.